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Does NOVA fit on a Brompton?
Does NOVA fit on a Brompton?
Updated over a week ago

Yes and no. As you can see from one of our customers who shared his experiences mounting NOVA on his Brompton it is possible but requires a few workarounds. Here is the review he posted:

I could not find any information about installing Reelight Nova dynamo lights on a Brompton, so I took a risk and ordered a set myself: here's the video:

The main issues for installation and operation on a Brompton after 1 week of use are:
1. there's not much space with a 16 inch wheels; the working angle for the front dynamo is not optimal, for the rear dynamo I have found space only on a rear rack support;
2. the front fork of the Brompton has a conical shape, and I had one instance already, when the dynamo wire popped out from the slot, when I tried to adjust the dynamo and put it closer to the rim. I do not know how many times I can fiddle with the wire before it breaks and the dynamo becomes useless;
3. standard power cables are too long for a small bycicle, I had to by shorter ones; it would be better if a customer could choose the right cables without the need to buy extra;
4. I have to check the position of dynamos before each ride - the fast folding/unfolding sometimes pushes the dynamos away from the rims resulting in a dim light or no light at all.

I've tested the lights twice during night rides: the rear light is very bright and effective, the front one is enough for a 3 speed Brompton, but I'm afraid the dynamo position does not allow the light to work at 100%.

Overall impression: great lights; Brompton brings some limitations; the ability to choose the cables, would make the product even better.

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