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There is no light when I spin the wheel
There is no light when I spin the wheel
Updated over a week ago

Firstly, If you are unable to get the lights to light up, while spinning the wheel after mounting the dynamo and light, we recommend that you watch the mounting video and make sure that everything is mounted correctly. The video can be found here:

If the lights are still not working, check the distance between the dynamo and rim. You need to get it as close as possible without it touching. Having it mounted close to the rim will increase performance significantly.


Thirdly, if everything is mounted according to the instructions we recommend going for a short ride in order to power the lights. There is a capacitor inside the dynamo, which acts as a small battery. This capacitor needs a bit of charge on the first run. After riding for a few minutes you should be able to see the lights flashing when at a stand still.

If none of the above works for you please contact our support team.

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